Dream Dictionary - C

Dream Dictionary Words Starting With "C"

Dream interpretation

Cabbage, Cabin, Cage, Calamities, Calamity, Calendar, Callus, Calves, Camel, Camera, Canary, Candle, Candy, Cane, Cap, Capsules, Captain, Captive, Car, Carafe, Cardinal, Care, Caress, Carouse, Carp, Carpet, Carriage, Carrion, Carrot, Cart, Cartridges, Case, Cashier, Castle, Cat, Catastrophe, Catch, Caterpillars, Cauliflower, Caution, Cavalry, Cave, Ceiling, Celery, Cellar, Cemetery, Cereals, Ceremony, Chain, Chains, Chairperson, Chalice, Chalk, Chameleon, Chamomile, Champagne, Change, Channel, Chap, Chapel, Charge, Charity, Charlatan, Charm, Chase, Chasm, Chat, Cheating, Check, Cheek, Cheese, Cherries, Chess, Chest, Chickens, Childbirth, Children, Chocolate, Christening, Church, Cider, Cinema, Circle, Circus, City, Clairvoyance, Clay, Cleaning, Cleric, Climb, Cloak, Clock, Close, Cloud, Clouds, Clown, Coach, Coal, Coat, Coat of arms, Cobweb, Coca, Cock, Cockle, Cockroach, Cocktail, Coconut, Code word, Coffee, Coffin, Coin, Cold, Collaborator, Colleague, Color, Combat, Comedy, Comet, Commission, Commitments, Compass, Compasses, Competition, Complaints, Compliance, Computer, Concert, Concert, Cones, Confession, Confetti, Conscience, Conspirator, Contempt, Conversion, Convulsions, Cook, Copper, Copy, Coral, Cord, Corkscrew, Corn, Cornflowers, Corpse, Cotton, Cotton wool, Couch, Cough, Count, Counterfeit, Couple, Court, Cover, Coverlet, Cow, Crabs, Crack, Cradle, Cranes, Crawfish, Crawl, Creed, Creep, Crew, Cricket, Cripple, Crockery, Crocodile, Crop, Cross, Crossing, Crossroad, Crow, Crowd, Crown, Crucifixion, Cruelty, Crumbs, Crutches, Cry, Cuckoo, Cucumbers, Cuff, Cup, Cupboard, Cupping, Curl hair, Curls, Curse, Curtain, Cushion, Custom, Cut

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