Dream Interpretation - Clock

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Clock"

Dream interpretation


- if you dreamt of an old clock, it means that time has come to think about your past: if your life was decent, if your actions were good or bad, what track will you live after you on the earth;

- if you dream about the wall clock, it means that you do not value life at all;

- if you dream about wrist-watch, it means that soon some important event in your life will occur;

- if you try to know the time by the watch without the face, it means that a serious threat - such a dream presages great tragedy, which you will be able to go through only asking God for help;

- to hear the ticking of clock means that your life will long remain hard, it will seem to you that God turned away from you , but it is not so: you simply have to go through many trials to find peace, rest and happiness.

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