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Medical astrology

Astrology has many practical and theoretical applications and one of them is medical astrology. Those who practice this science must have deep knowledge of both astrology and medicine. Working together with the doctor, the medical astrologer helps to make the accurate diagnosis and consults patients on the best ways of recovering health.

Studying the positions of planets and stars in a natal chart the medical astrologer can find and verify the weak points leading to the disease in a patient; he can also give advice concerning tests, treatment, diet and way of life. Very good results may be achieved when medical astrologers cooperate with homeopathic physicians. Sometimes treatment takes a rather long time and the cases may be very difficult to reveal and understand. Often medical astrologers are consulted as last resort and hope. This is the reason why "patience" is the key word in medical astrology. But when the diagnosis is correct and treatment brings good results, it makes astrologers satisfied and proud of their profession. Medical astrologers can also consult about nutrition, vitamins, minerals, herbs.

Thus, it is known now that the state of the health is strongly associated with the planets and their aspects, the houses, signs and astrological crosses. The planets show the functions and their disturbances at the level of organs and systems in the body; in these cases the astrologers take into account in what sign the planets are positioned at birth. For example, Mars in Gemini may indicate an inflammation of the tubes of the body such as Fallopian tubes.

The planets also show how organs or functions are affected. Among heavenly bodies the Sun is one of the most important because vitality and emotions flow through the Sun. This "fire of life" rules the etheric body that encases the physical body. If this etheric is disrupted by radiation or some other cause, a hole and a leak of energy develop. Vitamins, minerals, cell salts, herbs, goose grease can help to seal the etheric and stop energy dissipation. The Sun's zodiacal sign is Leo, which rules the heart. To have a strong heart sufficient amounts of vitamin A are needed. The Sun also rules magnesium found in many green plants; without magnesium death is inevitable.

While the Sun determines the constitution of the body, the Moon shows the condition of health. The Moon is a very sensitive indicator when to undergo operation: on a void of course Moon day the surgery usually is incorrectly performed, complications develop or a second operation is needed. The worst time for surgery is when the Moon is in mutable sign. The Moon is responsible for the fluid tides in our bodies just as the tides of the ocean. The patients should never undergo surgery five days before or after a full Moon, when the body fluids are at highest point and it can cause swelling, bleeding and bad wound healing. The Moon also influences the weight gains and losses, especially in women who have planets in Cancer or an accented Moon in the natal chart. A prominent Moon in the natal chart also shows a drug-sensitive person. The position of the Moon in the natal chart can help understand the emotional state of a person. If emotions and feelings are wrongly projected or suppressed, they form a focus of tension in the subconscious mind. If emotions such as guilt, anger and jealousy are not properly dealt with, they can become cause of serious diseases.

These are but few examples how the modern astrology developed into one of its branches - medical astrology.