Dream Interpretation - Children

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Children"

Dream interpretation


- to see many children means a lot of small problems, each of them will take additional time and efforts;

- to dream that you are a child means that your childish behavior is quite inappropriate and it hurt surrounding you people;

- crying children mean a universal danger: times will come when men will be making war, women will be busy with unusual matters, and children will cry bitterly; he who dreams such a dream will have troubles with his children;

- disabled children - your bad habits do not only destroy your heath, but also hurt surrounding people;

- to see one's own children means that you should be more careful in your relations with your family members;

- to look for children means that you will not be able to find the way out off the created situation because of many small problems;

- to play with children means that you are looking for a work you like, but in spite of it you will have to remain some time at an old work, which you do not like.

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