Dream Interpretation - Church

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Church"

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- to enter the church in a dream means that your actions are determined by personal selfishness and you do not wish to take into account the opinions of people surrounding you: time has come for you to change your life and repent;

- to be present in the church at the God service means that you may count on love and esteem of people surrounding you;

- to see an empty church with nailed doors means that the life will change to the worse and you will experience melancholy and depression;

- to be standing in a destroyed church and try to put a candle into the candlestick means that you will uphold the spiritual renaissance and renovation;

- if you enter the church during the service and find that there are lots of people in it under its dome, and people are knelt and praying, and you look up and see instead of the dome the sky studded with stars, and among the stars you see the dreaming by moon of bright red color, and the closer is the moon, the more is the fear that you feel, and it seems that the moon is going to fall upon the heads of praying people - such a dream is a presage of a cruel, bloody religious conflict; it is very much possible that you will become the witness, but not the participant of this conflict;

- to help in restoration of an old church means that all old offences will be forgotten and you will be able to recommence the former relations with a close to you person.

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