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Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Candle"

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- to dream of a burning candle is a good omen: such a dream presages long waited calm and peace on the Earth, people will live in harmony and prosperity, there will be neither cruel rulers nor bad people, neither poor nor rich;

- to dream about candle light in a night window means that you are under protection of the highest powers that will help you to cope with the most difficult tasks: in the real life this protection is embodied in a very influential person who is constantly following all your actions and deeds, although it is quite possible that you do not even suspect his existence;

- if you are unable to light the candle, it means that you are predestined to become the cause of death of a human being, sometimes such a dream presages that you will not hinder a terrible crime, which will result in death of a person;

- if the candle extinguished before your eyes, it means that soon you will fall ill, may be it will be a serious disease, which you can prevent now;

- to dream about lots of scattered candles means that times will come when people will turn away from God, they will become cruel and merciless, they will invent a new religion preaching violence and death, God will be angry with His slaves and will send a terrible fire on the Earth;

- to dream about many people walking with candles means that soon you will be obsessed with old problems, which you put off thinking that they would never remind of themselves, such a dream means that you should always finish the matters you began earlier.

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