Linking Thread of Times and Destinies



Our existence can be divided in three segments: the past, the present and the future. If we look back into the past, we can see it, analyze it, and draw conclusions. But we are unable to touch the past; we just look into it as if it were separated by a glass window. Very often we want to have a look into the future, but it is hidden from our eyes and lost in the mists of time.

From times immemorial it is known that stars and planets can influence upon people, animals and things and in this way determine their future destinies. Astrology is the science that tries to find substantiation to this fact and explain it. It studies the connections between the movements of the stars and planets in the sky and the interior and exterior life of the man. Astrology is an occult science and can be practiced only by those who have special knowledge. In astrology the reality is understood as being ruled by an impersonal will of the Absolute, which is the initial cause of the revealed world as a whole. The basis of this science is the conception of reincarnation. According to this conception every human being possesses an immortal soul, which, being incarnated in consecutive order in different conditions strives for acquiring a certain experience and, becoming free of the fettering shells, aspires to dissolve into the Absolute.

Astrology considers the motion of the planets from the geocentric standpoint. In accordance with various kinds of motions the astrologers study astrologic houses, signs and epochs. The acting characters in astrology are stars and planets, the Sun and the Moon including. The actions of the planets upon destinies and characters of people are interconnected. Astrologers create the natal charts where zodiacal signs, houses and planets are represented as they were at the moment of the person's birth. The chart determines the general rhythm of the person, his or her dispositions, temptations and abilities. However, the chart tells nothing about spiritual level of the person and what his or her choice will be. Astrology of foretelling can say what events will occur and when they will take place. From the point of view of the person's development the astrologic day of birth when the transit Sun passes the ascendant of the natal chart is very important. The chart is the play of human life where the houses are the scenery (spheres of life), the planets are acting characters, the aspects are relations among them, the signs are the ways of performing, and the events of the play are taking place according to the transits. The main method of the chart interpretation is deducing the particular from the general.

Astrology allows seeing the unity of the external and internal world and understanding the true limits of the freedom of human will. Any foretelling is possible to the exactness of free human will. Astrology gives the person the opportunity to single out and realize the moments of choice and, in this way, the moments of creative work of life. The destiny makes the problem of choice: either free-will self-restriction and work or sufferings and forced restrictions. Astrology helps to find and realize this alternative and make the life, difficulties and troubles sensible, at least in the frames of a personal destiny. However, in this case it is necessary to change the habitual way of thinking. Astrology answers the question: how one should live and what is the goal of human life. The goal is working the chart out. Harmonic aspects give faculties and luck; they must be used for solving problems and overcoming obstacles appearing as a result of the action of tensed aspects. In other words astrology may improve quality of life.