Are Astrology Predictions True?

May I Believe in Horoscopes?


There are examples supporting the idea that astrology predictions are truthful and you can believe them.

Many great minds of humanity studied astrology and believed in astrology predictions, but sometimes they did not recognized it publicly being afraid to be misunderstood by society. Many poets in their verses defended this science; among them Homer, Vergilius, Dante, Chaucer, Milton, Byron, Goethe, Schiller, and Shakespeare. For Dante astrology was most noble science filled with harmony and music. During long time Goethe was busy with practice and theory of astrology. In his biography he precisely described the positions of stars and planets at the moment of his birth. Walter Scott wrote that all peoples are united under influence of stars.

The great physician of all times Hippocrates had predicted the disastrous plague in Athens and soon that epidemics did really happen. Here are examples of doubtless astrological prognoses.

The Archbishop Saint Andruce had been suffering for a long time from a very peculiar disease and doctors were unable to diagnose it and to treat the patient. In 1552 he asked for help the great astrologer Gerolamo Cardano. The astrologer created the horoscope and owing to this horoscope the doctors were able to know the disease and to treat it. When Cardano was leaving the priest he told him that it was in his power to treat his disease but he was unable to change the priest's destiny or prevent it. Eighteen years later this priest was executed by the order of Mary, Queen of Scotland.

Another example is Tycho Brahe astrology predictions. Studying in 1577 the comet, lately named in his honor, the great astronomer and astrologer came to conclusion that a prince would be born in the North of Germany and this prince would make lots of troubles for Germany. The time proved that the prognosis was right. The prince Gustavo Adolph was born in Finland and he created great troubles and misfortunes for Germany during the wars; he died in 1632 as Brahe predicted.

Lord Bacon wrote in one of his books that when he was in France he was told that the Queen asked to make her husband's horoscope under a false name. The astrologer prediction was that the king would be killed at the duel and the queen laughed at it considering that her husband is above such things. Great was her surprise when soon her husband was killed by Montgomery who pierced the king with his spear.

The astrologers predicted to Alexander Macedonian not only the hour of his death but also the cause of it. The astrologers warned Alexander against entering Babylon but he did not listen to them. He entered the city and found his death there.

Michel Nostradamus predictions in the form of verses predicted many impressive events and lots of them came true centuries later. He predicted the great London fire, French Revolution, and coming to power of Napoleon whom he precisely described many years before his appearance on European scene.

Cicero wrote that one should admit the existence of the power of astrology predictions.

Certainly, these are only several examples supporting the idea that astrology predictions are truthful, but there are many others facts showing that you can believe in horoscopes.