Dream Interpretation - UFO

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "UFO"

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- if you dreamt that UFO landed on the Earth- this dream interpretation is the following: in the modern world people live faithless and therefore are waiting for the appearance of some unusual tokens, maybe your soul is empty and is not filled with love to the people who surround you, so you are waiting for the wonders from outside and do not look for them inside yourself;

- to contact with the representatives of other worlds means the false news and rumors;

- to be the witness of UFO catastrophe means that disasters and trials of mankind will prepare people for the new reconstruction of the world, in which will reign good and love;

- to be in contact with an UFO vessel and earn an unusual popularity and success means that you possess unusual abilities, which you consider to be the gift from above, but as a matter of fact the evil possesses your soul and this dream only testifies that you have fallen in one of the most horrible sins and its name is arrogance.

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