Dream Interpretation - Tower

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Tower"

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- means an obstacle; many towers in a city mean an unusual obstacle;

- to see a tower is a symbol of loftiness and sublimity, overcoming the difficulties or of an unattainable dream;

- to go up the steps to the top of the tower with great difficulties means that you will have to overcome lots of difficulties and obstacles before you reach the settled goal;

- to see before oneself a high beautiful tower is the symbol of sublimity and desires that overfill your heart;

- the tower had fallen down and was destroyed, and you are staying among broken fragments-such a dream means that you will destroy your happiness by your unthought-of decisions and actions;

- to build a sand tower that is washed away by the waves, means that your efforts will be vain and will be realized only in your imagination;

- to jump down from a high tower and not hurt oneself badly mean that you will have to take a very important and responsible decision, its result depends only on you;

- to be inside the tower, which must break down, and roam staircases looking for away out means that you will become a witness or a participant of social shocks;

- to build a high tower and lay together huge and heavy stones mean the overcoming of all life burdens to reach the desirable.

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