Dream Interpretation - Torch

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Torch"

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- to hold the burning torch in the hand means that you will be successful in life, your thoughts are pure, your actions are reasonable and right, and it means that the highest powers protect you as God loves kind-hearted and wise people;

- to illuminate your way with the torch means that it will not be easy for you to reach the set goals - the case is that your destiny is in your own hands and so you yourself are the artisan of your fortune: unfortunately, the first quarter of your life you will be following the wrong way, but then, having thought about, you will turn on the right path;

- if you see many people with burning torches, it means that you have many friends who are always ready to help you ;

- to set fire to torch means a pleasant news;

- to extinguish the torch means that against your will you will become the cause of death of several people: be careful - such a crime is unpardonable;

- to set fire on with the torch means that you are predestined to make something great; it doesn't matter that now you are working thinking that your life will pass in ordinary cares, and you only dream of glory, money, and esteem not even suspecting that these dreams will come true very soon.

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