Dream Interpretation - Thunderstorm

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Thunderstorm"

Dream interpretation


- to be frightened by the flash of lightning and the peal of thunder means that your way of life is not righteous, so you may consider this dream as a warning from above;

- to find oneself under thunderstorm downpour signify that a lasting conflict will be solved sooner than you think;

- the thunderstorm passed by and no rain drop has fallen upon you means that you will be able to avoid groundless anger of your chief owing to your ability to find the way out of most difficult situations;

- there was a lightning stroke at your house during the thunderstorm - it means unexpected news;

- the streams of the thunderstorm rain are flooding your house, you are trying to cover from the coming flood, but all your attempts are vain, all space around is covered with water and it is increasing higher and higher, not only your house, but also animals and plants are sinking under water, the houses are taken away with water and soon everything disappears behind the wall of the downpour - all these things mean an ecologic disaster, which you may seriously suffer from.

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