Dream Interpretation - Snake

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Snake"

Dream interpretation


- to dream about a creeping on the earth snake means that you will be fighting with your sworn enemy who will make an open war against you;

- if the creeping snake is poisonous, it means that you will hardly be able to win the enemy because he is more powerful than you;

- the creeping snake is not poisonous means that it will be easy for you to overcome the enemy;

- to dream about a tangle of snakes means that you are surrounded by many angry and envious people who wish you misfortunes and even death; you should be careful with people;

- you were bitten by a snake - it means a deep disappointment in a close to you person; for a long time you will be looking for the reasons of your constant misfortunes, but you will even never think that it is because of a person whom you trust;

- the snake is curled into a ring - your enemies are only waiting for an occasion to make you a severe blow, which will be very harmful for you;

- to kill the snake means that you realized the importance of believing in God.

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