Dream Interpretation - Skylark

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Skylark"

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- to dream about flying skylarks means that having reached high goals, which you are striving to, you will be able to develop in yourself the most attractive character features and strengthen your will considerably;

- to hear in a dream the skylark singing is an augury that you will be happy after changing your place of residence, and your business will flourish at a new dwelling;

- to dream about a skylark falling down from the height means that striving for changes and happiness, but being unable to find the way, you fall into extremes, which make your life even more difficult;

- a hurt skylark foretells sorrow;

- to kill a skylark in a dream means that you, being arrogant and ambitious, will hurt your best friend;

- if you dream that the skylark is flying to meet you, it means that you will be lucky;

- to dream the skylark in the cage means that you will ruin the only love in your life being jealous and tyrannical;

- if you dream that you are feeding the skylark, it means that you will be successful in the financial sphere.

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