Dream Interpretation - Rope

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Rope"

Dream interpretation


- to see it is a sign of destiny for a person who is dreaming;

- if the thing was torn in your hands, it signifies that a touch-and-go danger will be threatening your life, but you will be able to avoid this peril only being careful and far-sighted;

- to tie knots on the rope means that you are in touch with wrong people, so you must wait for big troubles, and the best way out for you is to break relations with those people;

- a very long rope means a long life, but it does not mean that it will be without sorrows, be vigilant and don't risk in vain, because such along life is not given to human being without reason;

- to untangle a rope or undo numerous knots on it means that soon you will free yourself from the power of an unworthy person, and it will become a decisive moment in your life, after which you will be able to reveal your abilities and realize your plans;

- to something with a rope means that you don't have right to interfere with fates of surrounding people, with your attachment to their problems you attract troubles to yourself, and even your sincere wish to help should be overcome because it is not your destiny.

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