Dream Interpretation - Road

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Road"

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- a meandering road means that you move through life in wrong direction and if you will not change yourself, two possibilities are in stock for you: the graveyard or the jail;

- a straight, wide road means that you are on the right, though not very easy, path; with time you will have a steady work, secure material position and a loving family;

- to follow a deserted road means that you are alone and suffer very much from it, it seems to you that nobody understands and loves you but it is far from it: pray God and you will find serenity and tranquility;

- to lead the way means that you will reach much in this life owing to your strong character and hard work and will really become a great man; but having attained high position do not turn away from your close people, remembering your hard times;

- to follow a dusty road means that there are many liars and ill-wishers surrounding you and they try to hurt you;

- a narrow road means that you will have to lead an uneasy way to the glory, steady life and material condition; but everything will change for the better in the long run.

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