Dream Interpretation - Rise

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Rise"

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- if you dream that you have risen high in the sky, it means that you will get big inheritance, which it will be difficult for you to dispose of: you will need help of competent lawyers and managers;

- if you dreamt of your rising at your service, it means that owing to your communicability and common sense you will prosper in life;

- if you dream that you are raising the mountain, it means that you will have to overcome serious obstacles on you way to success;

- if you were unable to reach the top of the mountain, it means the crash of your hopes;

- if you dream that it is easy to rise upwards and do not feel tiredness, it means that the circumstances will favor you in your business activity;

- if, however, you feel tiredness while rising and you are short breathed, it means that difficult times have come to you.

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