Dream Interpretation - Photograph

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Photograph"

Dream interpretation


- to look at one's own photograph in a dream means that you are out of love with your work, dissatisfied with your family life and even with your appearance, it seems to you that evil fate pursues you: if such thoughts will be coming to you in the future, your life will be boring and useless;

- to look in a dream at the photograph of a close to you person means that in real life you will be seriously worried about the fate of this person;

- to lose the photograph means that you must be more careful in your business, you don't act in a good way sometimes forgetting about honor and sense of right and wrong: you must stop it because you will answer for your actions before God;

- to go with one's own photograph to the fortune-teller so as to know the future means that you are very trustful and na?ve person, and though in principle it is not such a bad feature, the trouble is that you very often trust your secrets to wrong people.

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