Dream Interpretation - Pastor

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Pastor"

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- if you dream about a majestic pastor reading the prayer, it means that time has come for you to address to God and repent before Him for all your sins;

- if the pastor is blessing you in a dream, it means that you will get support of an influential person; sometimes such a dream presages success in all enterprises;

- if you dream that you are a pastor, it means that you were called to the Earth to bring the good to the people - your destiny is to serve in the church;

- to dream about a catholic pastor means that soon you will meet with great changes, maybe you will have to make a difficult choice or to take a difficult decision;

- if the pastor is marrying you in the church, it means that your life with the person you are in love with will be happy and calm;

- to confess your sins before the pastor means that soon you will come across a very difficult situation: you will find the way out of this situation only if you ask for help your influential acquaintance, who, before helping you, will demand you to clarify the situation, but you will be keeping silence for a long time.

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