Dream Interpretation - Moon

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Moon"

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- to dream about a full moon means that soon bad times will come: the powers of Satan will come to the Earth - the witches and sorcerers will take power and will make life in the whole world unbearable;

- bright red or crimson moon means that an ecologic disaster threatens the Earth, which will take many lives; the disaster will occur when people will notice in the sky bloody moon, for this bloody moon will be the sad reminder of the harm to the nature;

- to dream about spots on the moon means that there will be the great danger, which will come from outer space, maybe a huge meteor threatens our planet;

- to observe the reflection of the moon in the water means that you will be disappointed in your hopes; in your activities you rely upon a person who will let you down at the first opportunity;

- to see the moonlight in a dream means that you will undertake a fascinating travel in the far lands, the journey will be unexpected and very pleasurable;

- the cracked moon: such a dream presages the appearance of a new religion on the Earth, which will be the cause of people's renouncing God, God will not pardon people the unfaithfulness and so wars, violence, and plundering threaten the world.

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