Dream Interpretation - Mechanism

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Mechanism"

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- to dream about lots of mechanisms means that you will carry out a series of actions that will incite many troubles in the business activity, but as a result they will be well-timed and useful for you;

- to see in a dream an old mechanism is a presage that your enemies will try again to carry on an intrigue so as to spoil your reputation in the business activity;

- to be dragged in the working mechanism is an omen that a series of misfortunes is approaching and soon you will suffer serious losses as a result of unsuccessful bargains;

- to see in a dream a functioning mechanism means that you will come across many impediments in your undertakings though you will get a timely support of your friends;

- a broken mechanism is an augury of losses and failures;

- if you dreamt of a fire-engine, this dream means anxiety and nervousness connected with an accident;

- to dive a fire-engine is an omen that you should avoid participation in a certain risky affair because the results of such an operation will be detrimental for the career in the business sphere.

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