Dream Interpretation - Manuscript

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Manuscript"

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- if you dreamt of a manuscript that you had not time to finish, it foreshadows disenchantments;

- if, however, the manuscript was finished in a dream, it means that in the nearest future your dreams will come true;

- if you are working with the manuscript, the state of your affair will cause much trouble;

- if you are writing without blots, it means that you will be successful among the representatives of the opposite sex;

- if the manuscript was turned down by the editorial house in a dream, it predicts that you will have serious apprehensions regarding your financial projects, however with time the most daring ideas will become reality;

- if you lost the manuscript, it means that most unpleasant discovery is in store for you;

- to dream about a burning manuscript foretokens that your activity will bring you income and esteem.

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