Dream Interpretation - Labyrinth

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Labyrinth"

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- to roam the entangled passages of the labyrinth means that you are not satisfied of your life; it seems to you that you are undertaking something new trying to make your life better, but as a matter of fact you remain on the same place: you should be more active or the life will pass you by;

- you can't find the way out of the labyrinth - the dream interpretation is that it is a very difficult period: you will have to suffer a great grief and it will take long time to go through it, maybe you will even think that your life has already ended, but you mustn't lose hope because you will be compensated for all your sufferings;

- to find the way out of the labyrinth means that soon your life will become better; the main thing is that you should always go remembering God - your eternal fellow-traveler;

- to look for somebody in the labyrinth means that soon you will need the help of a person whom you had hurt once; you will try to reestablish former relations with this person, but it will be very difficult to do; -sometimes such a dream foreshadows a too difficult way to the cherished goals: making your plans you haven't even thought how much time and strength it will take you to realize them;

- to conceal oneself in the labyrinth means that you will become entangled very much in your affairs, maybe to achieve your goals you will even make something criminal and so you will have to hide yourself for a long time to avoid justice; -sometimes such a dream reflects the state of solitude of the person who sees this dream because he or she avoids contacts with surrounding people;

- a monster is pursuing you in the labyrinth - this dream interpretation is the following: soon all the world will know about the appearance of a horrible monster and this monster will be like dinosaurs, which had died long ago; this monster will be very aggressive and people will suffer much of it; this monster will be sent to our planet by the forces of darkness wishing to punish the humankind.

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