Dream Interpretation - Jewels

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Jewels"

Dream interpretation


- to see them in a dream is a presage of the coming well-being;

- to see the jewels upon oneself means successful career and realization of all plans;

- if you dream of jewels upon other people, glory and recognition are in stock for you owing to the fact that people work for you;

- to dream about garments decorated with jewels foretokens success that will exceed all your expectations;

- if you dream that you inherited jewels, it betokens that your welfare will increase considerably, but you will not be satisfied;

- to dream that you are giving jewels to the charity foundation means that the money, which you earned with such a hard work, will be spent in vain by your relatives;

- to dream that you are given jewels as a gift is an omen that there appeared a real threat to your financial situation;

- if a young girl dreams that she is getting jewels as present, it means that she will be married successfully;

- if though she is losing jewels in a dream, her dreams of mutual love will not come true;

- to find jewels in a dream means a soon and brilliant success in affairs, whish you are much interested in;

- to buy jewels means success in love.

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