Dream Interpretation - Hunt

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Hunt"

Dream interpretation


- if you dreamt that you were hunting, it foretells that you will be realizing almost unreal plans;

- to watch people hunting means that soon you will be enjoying company of your friends;

- sometimes such a dream presages a meeting with an evil man werewolf who will amaze your imagination;

- if you are hunting some animal, it means that big troubles are in store for you and your mysterious enemy will try to hinder the realization of your plans doing everything in his power to spoil your life, therefore you must be ready to defend yourself;

- if you dream that a hunter had fallen in a pitfall dug for an animal, it means that you are risking in your business and you must be careful because big money do not justify all means;

- if a wounded animal is attacking you in a dream, it means that you are mistaking thinking that you had won a victory over your sworn enemy; he is only licking the wounds getting ready to make a decisive blow.

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