Dream Interpretation - Handkerchief

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Handkerchief"

Dream interpretation


- if you dream about a handkerchief, it presages a love liaison as well as the appearance of the unforeseen circumstances in your life;

- to lose a handkerchief means that something that was conceived by you will not come true, but it will not be your fault;

- a torn handkerchief means hard quarrels with a person you are in love with;

- a dirty handkerchief is a warning against unscrupulousness in choosing your friends;

- a pile of clean handkerchiefs presages that you will decently show yourself in a hard trial, which lately will turn for you as a big luck;

- a silk handkerchief foretokens harmony in your relations with other people and this harmony will be achieved by your goodwill and sincerity;

- if a woman dreams that she is waving to somebody with a handkerchief or she sees how others do the same, it presages for her a joyful, but dangerous travel, after which travel she will be universally blamed.

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