Dream Interpretation - Gibbet

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Gibbet"

Dream interpretation


- to be on the gibbet in a dream means that soon you will have to answer for your misdemeanors: you will pay for your sins;

- such a dream may also foretell a serious danger threatening your life;

- to watch the execution on the gibbet means that you will become an involuntary witness of a violent death of a human being - the most horrible is that you will be unable to prevent the crime;

- to build up the gibbet means that by means of your actions you considerably harm your relatives and friends: it is not late for you to stop or you will answer for your sins before God;

- to dream that you are the hangman performing the execution means that against your will you will become the cause of death of many people and you will know of it in the twilight of your life.

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