Dream Interpretation - Flowers

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Flowers"

Dream interpretation


- if you are picking flowers to make a bunch, it means that you will become familiar with the deep knowledge of the sense of life and understanding the world;

- to prick one's hand with the flowers given to you as a present means that you suffer much because of betrayal of a close to you person or a person you are in love with;

- if somebody has trampled down the flowers in your garden, it means that your enemies are plotting against you and they will do everything in their power to prevent you from getting the necessary for you information;

- to see lots of room flowers in one's own house means that your feelings are hidden;

- if you see a wonderful garden full of extraordinarily beautiful flowers and smell their magnificent scent, it means that you will experience an unusual, romantic meeting;

- the withered flowers mean problems with health, and parting;

- to plant the flowers in one's own garden means that you will make a noble and wise action;

- to see your admires shower on you lots of flowers means that your soul solitude may last too long, your exaggerated ambitions will remain unrealized;

- to weave a garland out of field flowers means that soon you will encounter your love and create a happy family;

- if you get the flower in a pot as present, it means that you will get news of a dead person.

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