Dream Interpretation - Flames

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Flames"

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- to dream about a sheet of paper in flames means a considerable conflagration; as a result of this conflagration all the forests of the Earth will be destroyed and the population of the planet will suffer from the lack of wood, paper, and certainly oxygen;

- to dream about flames coming from the heavens means that in the future the Earth will be menaced by a gigantic comet or meteor; it may considerably damage many cities of the Earth and will take lives of lots of people;

- if the flames smell repulsively, it means that you will know about evil gossip of your ill-wishers and you will have to work hard to disprove your enemies' plots and defend your honor and dignity before people who surround you;

- to warm oneself beside the fire means that you are a very happy person and you know that in case of need you will always find understanding and support among the members of your family: believe that this is not given to anyone and so be grateful to your near people;

- to watch the fire in the fireside means that a great danger of conflagration threatens your house - you must be careful when working with the fire or you may remain homeless;

- to dream about a small light of a lit candle is a good omen: your faith in God and observance of all Commandments will wonderfully affect your life - you will find peace, calm, happiness, and love;

- if you dream of cities and forests in flames, it means that a horrible drought menaces the Earth: times will come when there will be almost no water, and then it will rain heavily for several days and nights; those who will live on will never do any harm to the nature because they will know that the drought is for the disbelief, rejection of religion and ruthless attitude to the environment.

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