Dream Interpretation - Disease

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Disease"

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- the dream interpretation is that disease is a warning showing that time has come to reconsider your own position and life values;

- to suffer from a serious, incurable disease means that in your waking hours you misbehaved and in your heart of hearts you blame yourself for a momentary weakness;

- to dream of a near family member ill means that your people need encouragement and attention;

- to see crowds of people on the scorched earth dying in the streets as a result of a severe and incurable disease means an ecological calamity provoked by the use of bacteriological weapon, and you may become an eye-witness of that disaster;

- to recover after a grave disease means that you will be able to avoid an unpleasant situation;

- if your close family member died of a serious disease, it means that your relations will be spoilt and it will create lots o personal problems for you.

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