Dream Interpretation - Demise

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Demise"

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- to see in a dream one's own demise means that your life with a person you are in love with will be long and happy; such a dream is an omen that your destiny is to be God's envoy on the Earth;

- if you dream that a very important in the world person dies, it means that soon in one of the developed countries of the world a very wise ruler will come to the power who will be able to establish peace and understanding among the inhabitant of various states, people will end to make wars and curse each other;

- if an ill person dies, it means that you will run into a terrible injustice: you will be offered a profitable bargain, but as a result people will suffer and the salvation of your soul will depend on your decision;

- to see the demise of great many of people in a dream means that there will be a horrible epidemic, as a result millions of people will die, but the treatment will be discovered by a man whose opinion people do not take into account now;

- to see in a dream a person in the state of clinical death means that for a long time you will be unfamiliar with the plans of your old acquaintances: unfortunately, they will be able to realize their plans, as a result you will suffer much.

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