Dream Interpretation - Birth

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Birth"

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- if your birth was difficult and painful, but everything ended well, it means that there will be problems in solving your affairs, but despite all these problems everything will end happily;

- to assist at the childbirth means that you will be taking part in an event, which you will consider insignificant, but its consequences will be very surprising for you;

- to see in a dream one of your relative dying while giving birth means that your attempts to improve your relations with your relatives will hardly be successful;

- easy and quick delivery, which ended with a sense of great relief means that you will be able to shift off your burdens to somebody else and breathe with relief yourself;

- to dream of one's own birth means that the destiny gives you a chance to begin your life anew: maybe it is connected with the sacral reincarnation and in the past you lived in other dimension and body; you should reconsider your life values and try to think over your predestination.

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