Dream Interpretation - Automobile

Dream Interpretation for The Word - "Automobile"

Dream interpretation


- if you drive the automobile you, will be active and lucky in business sphere;

- if you had an accident in a dream, there will be troubles in your undertakings, which you set great expectations on;

- to dream of a lucky escape from an accident is a good omen: you will be able to avoid a conflict situation in your nearest surroundings;

- to buy a vehicle in a dream means a forthcoming opportunity to improve your material condition considerably;

- but to sell the automobile means unpleasant changes in the financial situation;

- to go in an automobile foreshadows the loss of initiative in official duties as well as illnesses;

- to be thrown out of the vehicle in motion foretokens unexpected shocks;

- a broken automobile in a dream betokens unpleasant news;

- to dream about great many of automobiles presages trips, changing the place of residence;

- if your car was hijacked in a dream, it signifies that many of your projects, which your future depends on, are groundless;

- to get out the automobile means the realization of your plans.

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