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Friday, 27 March 2015

Aries horoscope


Think over all the affairs. You may be offered a new job. Peace and calm will reign at home today. Use this moment to solve the accumulated problems. Today it is not your luck to win; everything you undertake will end in smoke. Use all your strength and energy to change yourself for the better.
Taurus horoscope


It seems that you will have to put off taking of some important decisions for a long time. New love and friendship may come. Expect a meeting today; it can grow into a long-standing friendship. There will be lots of causes to make your mood high and for a long time today.
Gemini horoscope


Everything thought-of today will come through, so you can undertake any new deal. Pay attention to living nature; take care of your pets. Think of changing your image. Your success will depend on it. Your one and only hope is to trust in yourself.
Cancer horoscope


If you are an early rise today, you will be the early bird that catches the worm You may revive extinguished passion today, but be careful of consequences. Use your knowledge for promotion of your relations with other people. Avoid unnecessary fuss. Calm your mind and soul.
Leo horoscope


There is a period of growth in your career and private life. You must believe that even your most inconceivable wishes may come true. Meet friends today and discuss your common plans. Try to analyze yourself, may be you will be able to get rid of old fears and illusions.
Virgo horoscope


Make out new strategy of actions. Soon you may fall in a state of adoration of a person whom you have known for some time. The contacts with your chiefs, well-known people will be useful for you. Caution and attentiveness are needed in any affair today.
Libra horoscope


Look before you leap today. The stars tell you to beware unthought-of actions in love matters. Today second thoughts are best. You will feel a tide of strength and energy and it will be easy for you to cope with everyday deals.
Scorpio horoscope


Today you will be protected against losses and wastes, you values and achievements will besafe and guarded. Your heart melts when you see the person you are in love with: time has come to act. Actions speak louder than words. Today your task is to govern and direct. You should not take life too seriously.
Sagittarius horoscope


You may change your work or get a well-paid promotion with much responsibility. You will be rewarded for a kind and compassioned act. Act wisely. It is a good time to change your appearance, for example, hairdo. This is a good day for cleaning your body and soul.
Capricorn horoscope


It will be easy for you to solve all earlier planned matters. It may seem to you that a person you are in love with places little value on your existence. The problems you have may content favorable consequences. Today your heart misguides you and you are in a terrible way. Misfortune seldom comes alone.
Aquarius horoscope


This is a good day to promote your ideas at work. Astonish person you love with something pleasant today. Even if it seems to you that success cannot be obtained-while there is life there is hope. Walks and swimming will improve your state of mind and mood today.
Pisces horoscope


Throw all the paint you can on the big canvass of life. Today you should pay particular attention to your family and relationships with a person you are in love with. You should consider carefully the situation you are in. You must not hurry. Make yourself a present today and relax.
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