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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Aries horoscope


Today you will be protected against losses and wastes, you values and achievements will besafe and guarded. Today you will hardly be able to keep yourself from resisting the charms of a person you recently made acquaintance with. If you do not perform your duties, you may forget about the esteem of people who surround you. This is a good day for cleaning your body and soul.
Taurus horoscope


Today the sense of duty and diligence will help you. The contacts with representative of opposite sex will be favorable. If possible, cancel the travel or trip. Today you will have to do your best to recover control of your temper.
Gemini horoscope


There may be sudden change and turn for the better in your life. Today you will be far from wishing anything new in the matters of love. Be responsible and patient - then your colleagues will esteem and value you even more. Analyze your dreams. There may be some hints in them showing the ways out of unpleasant situation you are in now.
Cancer horoscope


Today is your hour of triumph, but you must realize what you want. Your enemies will try to disturb the happiness and calm in your relations with your sweet-heart and it will take you many efforts and strength to resist them. It is a good time to change your appearance, for example, hairdo. From time to time it may seem to you that only your shattered hopes remained.
Leo horoscope


The work made in term will bring good results. Pay attention to living nature; take care of your pets. Be particularly thrifty at the beginning of the day. Today you must have rest in solitude or in the company of a closed friend.
Virgo horoscope


Everything thought-of today will come through, so you can undertake any new deal. Soon you may fall in a state of adoration of a person whom you have known for some time. Today you should not worry about your relations with other people, all will come off satisfactorily. Today you will indulge in illusions.
Libra horoscope


The best thing is to concentrate your attention upon the most important affairs and consolidate the achieved success. As regards love, you should recommence old amorous relations. You may run into an unexpected turn of events, meet the future, and get perspective offers. Today sorrow will be weighing on your mind.
Scorpio horoscope


Act promptly because the conditions are favorable for you today. You may fall in love to distraction. Be ready to react properly. You working abilities are excellent; the result will depend on your diligence. This day has prepared a surprise for you: you will be wild with joy and your delight will be beyond words.
Sagittarius horoscope


Think about what you want and pass to active actions. It is time to risk. Those who get on your way in love matters will be laughed at and got rid of. If you take responsibility upon you, you will achieve brilliant results in your relationships with other people. Today all will go better than you expect.
Capricorn horoscope


Try to finish the affairs that you have put off without any reason. It may happen that the person you are in love with will fall out of love with you and will have done with you. Think of changing your image. Your success will depend on it. Today your false imagination may lead you to an acute disappointment.
Aquarius horoscope


There is a period of growth in your career and private life. You will be crying for the moon in love matters today, but you will have to accept life as it is. You will be protected during your travel. You will feel a tide of strength and energy and it will be easy for you to cope with everyday deals.
Pisces horoscope


It is a day of creative cycles. Awake in yourself the desire to create. Today you will be swimming in love and pleasures. You will want something new today. It is a good day for making creative unions. It is a day of critical situations and you must try to find the way out immediately
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