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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Aries horoscope


Now it is easy for you to solve old knotty problems and difficult matters. Today it will be rather difficult for you to resist the temptation of a slight amorous affair. Disclose your capabilities. Go for a journey - the adventures will be successful for you. Today you may think that there is no end of troubles and things look nasty for you.
Taurus horoscope


It is time for hard work to ground a successful career. If you try to attract the attention of a person you are in love with, you will fail. The stars and planets are not favorable for your sign. Avoid solitude and meet people whom you care. All you dreamt about this night may realize in your real existence today.
Gemini horoscope


It is a good time for changing your work. Family problems may arise today; to avoid them be careful in choosing words for expressing your attitude to household problems and love. To all appearances it is a good day to make acquaintances with people who may be very useful for you in the nearest future. You will need presence of mind and composure to solve your problems.
Cancer horoscope


Wait for new beginnings based on old plans. Soon you may fall in a state of adoration of a person whom you have known for some time. There are some unpleasant delays in you situation. Be patient. Think of the past today. You may find there some answers to solve your future problems.
Leo horoscope


Act according to the plan, and then you will gain what you want with minimum expenses. Today the hidden energy of your passion will burst outside trying to find new ways of expression. The contacts with your chiefs, well-known people will be useful for you. Today you will have to do your best to recover control of your temper.
Virgo horoscope


Your day will be very lucky from financial standpoint. New sources of income may appear, but you must concentrate on your working projects. Misunderstanding in love affairs will be soon overcome, but you must think of the possible consequences. Success and surprises wait you in the middle of the day. Today someone will do all in his power to help you.
Libra horoscope


Wait for interesting offers today. Today you will be far from wishing anything new in the matters of love. Be reasonable with your contacts and relations because chance acquaintances may become source of some unpleasant situations. Today you will be on the point of crying from disappointment.
Scorpio horoscope


You will have an active business day especially favorable for business talks. Today you may meet a person who will crown your life;- the only thing you must do is to open your heart to the forthcoming happiness. Today you will be the centre of attention. Use all your strength and energy to change yourself for the better.
Sagittarius horoscope


Go confidentially in the direction of your dreams. Your love may become one-sided, but you must not be disappointed because very often things have many sides. This day is particularly favorable for friendly relations. You will feel a tide of strength and energy and it will be easy for you to cope with everyday deals.
Capricorn horoscope


You should abstain from investing money in some financial projects. You desire to fall in a new love will be irresistible today. Actions speak louder than words. Today all will go better than you expect.
Aquarius horoscope


Change your directions, it mobilizes. At home create the atmosphere of love and mutual understanding. Be responsible and patient - then your colleagues will esteem and value you even more. Today it may seem to you that you must abandon all hope.
Pisces horoscope


You may successfully finish any affair begun. This day is successful in many aspects, particularly regarding your private life. The problems you have may content favorable consequences. You should think of improving your home living conditions.
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